2012 August – Interior Design

Interior Design is an art of creating functional and beautiful interior spaces. The imaginative and efficient use of colour, texture, form, light and space will not only make the environment where we live to look and function better, but it can have a significant impact on our mood and wellbeing.

modern-inspiring-office-interior-design-of-studio-by-gh3-modernThe main element of Interior Design is space. It is the raw material for any interior designer, in order for you to set the tone for any room. Depending on the use of this element, a room can be made to look spacious and open-plan or cosy and intimate.

home-interior-lighting-design-3The second element of Interior Design is light. It can be natural (windows, skylight) or artificial (lamps, pendant lights, task lights). Lighting is essential in terms of creating the mood and ambience of a living space. Well-lit rooms are by turn welcoming, cheering, safe and sensuous. What is more the use of light effects the way we see colour and texture.  In the same way lighting is a way of throwing the viewer’s attention on the different parts of a room. With respect to the form, it covers every aspect of shape and surface material.  Volume, scale and finish are essential elements to achieve a good form. Using objects of different scales allows you to inject a room with character and flare. Modern-Shoe-Store-Interior-an-Ancient-Form-Design1-600x399Texture is another design element and it has got the ability to be a powerful, albeit subtle dimension to a room’s interior.Texture creates the layers of life and interest within a neutral décor, it brings interest to the room and changes the way light is reflected within a space. It is important to balance colour with texture and pattern to provide a harmonious environment.

teal-and-violet-interior-colour-schemeColour can be warm and cool which gives neutral schemes a lift and prevents them from lapsing into blandness. In the same way the choice of furniture is really important when designing the space. They not only need to look and feel fantastic; they must be practical and user-friendly. What is more a room can be totally transformed by the addition or removal certain display objects. At the same time they accentuate a style or colour which creates extra interest to an interior. They reflect our taste, personality and culture.

wearstler_objectsIn conclusion each of those elements cannot be separated from another, as they collude in every possible aspect of design and bring them together into one design.


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