2013 January – Creative Lighting


Lightning within your home is now seen as an art form to evoke any mood, look or effect. A home is like a canvas of which only comes alive with the right lighting.

Task light is mainly used to illuminate an area where activities like reading, sewing or preparing food occurs. Often achieved with fixtures that directs light onto a work surface.

 1.Desk lamp – this is a form of bright task lighting that allows you to adjust the angle of illumination to focus directly on the work area when carrying out detailed tasks. Desk lamps don’t just have to be used in the home office, but they can add a contemporary feel to any bedroom by using directional desk lamps as bedside lighting. Not only will they provide bright lighting perfect for those late night reading sessions, but the bright beams can also be redirected as not to wake your sleeping partner.


2. In this kitchen, contemporary pendant lights are nice accents above the island, providing task lighting also. Spot lights on the fireplace wall highlights the unique texture, adding interest to the room. Work areas always need additional lighting and task lighting does just that. In areas like sinks, islands and counter tops, task lighting can provide a brighter glow in the kitchen. Lighting fixtures typically used for task lighting are recessed spot lights, track lights, low voltage linear and fluorescents for under cabinet lights and more. It creates a clean, almost clinical effect which works well in harmony with a heavy domestic use work area.  Mood lighting can change the ambience of the kitchen from a practical preparation zone to a chill-out or entertaining space.


 3.Table or floor lamp – the primary purpose of the lounge is relaxation and socialising, so try and avoid having too much glare otherwise your eyes won’t get the chance to rest. Task lighting like table or floor lamp near seating will enable to read comfortably but also create an inviting pool of light. The lamps themselves can be used to dramatize elements of interior design- line, form, colour, pattern and texture. Also they add welcome warmth and depth to any room.



Ambient lighting is the source of general illumination in a space, also known as a general lighting. It lights up the whole room and usually hangs from the ceiling. It can be:

1.Wall sconces – this master bathroom design is luxurious and modern, with plenty of elegant wall sconces for ambient lighting at any time. A good lighting scheme throughout your house will not look only stunning, but it can also dramatically affect the atmosphere and mood of each individual room in your house. Wall sconces accompanied by shiny surfaces and mirrors will ensure that your chosen room looks bigger and brighter.


2.Pendant lamps – equipped with globes to reduce glare, can be used for general lighting; fitted with shades that direct light downward. This clear, blow-glass pendant radiates brilliance in every direction. Hang above the table or foyer for subtle drama, or along the hallway or above a counter for an elegant effect. We can use a pendant light as a sculptural artwork and effective ambient lighting, all-in-one. Pendant lights are an affordable way to transform any space and beautifully light your home.


Chandelier – is a branched decorative ceiling-mounted light fixture with two or more arms bearing lights. Chandeliers are often ornate, containing dozens of lamps and complex array of glass or crystal prisms to illuminate a room with reflected light. It can add a touch of drama and create a beautiful focal point to any room. Elegant and sparkling, chandeliers are unique lights which make a striking centerpieces in larger rooms and complete classical lighting schemes. When dimmed or used with candles it becomes a decorative fitting.


3.Built-in light fixtures like recessed lights has a sleek, finished look on the ceiling. By using this type of light you can beautifully illuminate a room, hall or entry. Recessed lighting on a dimmer can light the room with ambient overhead lighting. Also arranged in zones, this lighting can be used to create different atmosphere and mood for watching movies, playing games, eating or entertaining. It creates a clean, streamlined look in a home, but also can increase the amount of light when needed in a room.



Decorative lighting is treated as a design element. It is not made to give out much light, but provides a decorative touch.

An example would be:

1. The crystal, silver chain and chrome Kelly Hoppen Light Sculpture designed for Spina makes a stunning decorative feature in any space. The lights hang full length from ceiling to floor and can be used to divide and zones, as well as to light it. “Lighting will not only overlay the design of any room with drama and subtlety, but also have a direct bearing on your mood and frame of mind. Well-lit rooms are by turns welcoming, cheering, soothing, safe, soulful and sensuous.” (Kelly Hoppen)


2.String Lights – these enchanting lights are both decorative and versatile and would look perfect draped over a mantel piece or weaved down around a garden during barbeque season. To create a delicate yet eye catching centerpiece, you can place them in a bowl or vase to add elegance and glamour within a space.

amazing-string-lights-for-floor-mirrorvintage-bedroom-with-string-light-on-the-bed-hanging- Wedding-Candle-Centerpieceoutdoor-lighting-string-e1308997722705

3.Candles – candles are more than just an accessory to brighten up a room or a scented mood elevator to help you unwind from a long day. An arrangement of candles is the perfect centerpiece to complement to any room décor and interior design style. It gives also the feel of elegance and a perfect homely atmosphere, providing the required ambience. Candles offer dramatic impact that gives any room an inviting and cosy look. What is more they have a visual appeal that sets the right mood of romance, holistic wellness and luxury. Candles cleverly placed in beautiful candle holders can really add the illusion of warmth to any space as well as adding style and beauty at the same time.


Lighting isn’t just about installing lots of light fixtures. Selecting the correct lights will create subtle effects or drama to a space. The right lighting can alert the way a room looks, for example to make a room appear larger, taller or even cosier, but also sets the tone and creates the atmosphere within an interior. Lighting sets the mood and stirs emotions, but also can transform the subconscious feeling of a space entirely.

I have chosen to use the recessed and picture lights to highlight all Mr. Moore’s photographs but also light a mirror over a fireplace in Moore’s family living room. Directional recessed spot light is a great option for solving several lighting needs. It provides ample light to a décor and it can be used for ambient, task or accent lighting and this is my reason for using them in Moore’s living room scheme. The chandelier brings your eye immediately to the centre of the Moore’s seating area. The glitz of the chandelier balances the serene colour palette by contrasting it and giving it a wow effect, but also gives this space a formal, sophisticated ambience. Floor and table lamps work harmoniously to create a well transformed mood from being bleak to be inviting and cosy. The floor lamp which I have decided to use for Moore’s family is for perfect reading purposes as it avoids the direct light glare that can cause eye strain to the reader. It can also help to create intimacy within a space too. On the other hand the desk lamp is very useful for Phoebe, she can complete her homework and Annika can create her beautiful jewellery. Furthermore the pretty, mason jars traditionally for canning summer’s fruits and vegetables that I have chosen create a lovely and unique light fixture above the Moore’s dining table. It creates a cosy, light-filled dining area for this home. The decorative lighting like Kelly Hoppen’s sculpture and string bulbs can create an additional and a totally different appearance. Lights on strings can decorate any room or item and create a soft, dreamy effect. Wall lamps can be used to light a dim hall or add a subtle touch of style to any room. For the Moore’s scheme I have chosen Kelly Hoppen’s wall lamp. It is like extraordinary piece of jewellery and creates pretty decorative shadows up the walls within this décor.

In conclusion mood lighting is an important part of home design and decoration. The right lighting can set the tone for any event.

New-2012-Lighting-design-by-Bleu-Nature-The-Outline-Lamp-Collection pendant_atrium-e1290911321474 Modern-Guest-Living-Room-with-Monochromatic-Color-and-Ambience-Lighting-880x704 ambient-lighting-e1354636792933

Assignment_B Assignment_C


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