2012 September – New Trend in Interior Design

I would define a trend as a new idea which brings fresh designs, styles, materials, patterns, shapes or colours into an upcoming season.  It is a big challenge for any designer to predict the major next trend and see what will be most appealing to a consumer, their lifestyle and needs. A new trend can be derived from previous season’s trends, but also from economic, political, social or cultural factors. It can be seen that in ethnic style and old civilization’s culture too. For example Aztec arts and lifestyle have always appealed to people throughout time and because of this many geometric patterns and symbols can be seen in every day life like interior design, art and fashion. Furthermore world’s events and celebrations have huge impact what the aim of new interest in interior design will be. The great example was this year‘s Olympics, which created a Union Jack’s trend in all forms of design. In the same way museums, trade exhibitions, architectural projects and even fashion can influence to develop a new trend. Moreover travel, nature, art, books and magazine are an excellent source of inspiration for any designer to create new and stunning vogue.

To summaries trends can be developed from anything what is surrounding us and it proofs that …“Imagination is more important than knowledge.” (Albert Einstein)

eiffel-tower-lamp-300x300 tumblr_lyfqm7BCNF1r8zoqxo1_500 union-jack

Floral with a folk twist and crafts are one of this year’s brightest and freshest look but it has been known for some time now. In my origin country, Poland folk and crafts have become popular in the mid -1800’s and were used by Polish peasants to decorate the walls in their cottages. Nowadays folk and crafts still have huge impact on our culture. Richly decorated folk dresses, jewelry contained corals and ambers, the flowers bouquet made with blotting paper and wool, paper cut-outs, tablecloths, pillowcases with multi-coloured embroidery and many more are the traditional element of polish folk history. In interior design on the other hand, large floral patterns and bright vibrant colours give any décor a bold, lively character. Colourful patchwork, ribbons, pom poms and homemade, knitted accessories create unique touch to every surface. The colour palette for floral folk is inspired by a nature, from vibrant reds to bright oranges and hues of purple and pink. Mix colourful floral prints with eclectic accessories give a room full of folksy charm.



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