2012 November – Furniture Layout

In my opinion my final furniture arrangement works well. It feels family-friendly, functional and comfortable and gives the family room to breathe, room to enjoy and room to gather for a nice meal. Traffic flow of the movement throughout the house or a room is critical. A well designed room can create a beautiful space that pleases the eye, yet is functional and harmonious for those who live in it. Furthermore it has to be decorated with furniture and accents that are the right scale for the room’s size and shape but also in proportion to each other and to the people using the room. Every room should have a one element that naturally draws the eye when you enter. It can be an architectural detail, such a fireplace or a work of art or even lighting.

I have chosen to place a dining table close to the double door which could be a natural extension of the kitchen and have very easy access to it. After a nice meal the whole family could move into the sitting area, where they can watch TV, read a book or just enjoy their company. You can see on the arrangement that I have placed a sofa with two side table’s right next to it, you could place a drink or a book and it just make whole setup more comfortable. At the same time double aspect windows give more natural light within that space.

In conclusion I think I have created a harmonious and balanced layout, where all furniture works together well, creates a pleasing environment to live in.

Assignment_B_Idea_1 Assignment_B_Idea_2 Assignment_B_Idea_3 Unit_5_Assignment_A Unit_5_Assignments_C Unit_5Assignments_C_b


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